Coaches: How to use Blue Sombrero
The new BlueSombrero registration tool means we have a new mechanism for managing teams and contacting players. Here are quick videos of how to get things done in Blue Sombrero
1) Export Emails from BlueSombrero

If you prefer to contact your team via your own mail tool (gmail, outlook), you can export the addresses from BlueSombrero. For HSC, Head Coaches are all "Division Managers" and should see a "Teams" link at the top of BlueSombrero that provides this information.

Short video of how to export players.

IMPORTANT!!!! Be sure to add the "Secondary Email" to the "Participant Information", so all parents receive your emails. You should receive an email for each team that has all the contact info that you need. You can cut-and-paste from the spreadsheet directly into gmail's "BCC" field.

2) Email through BlueSombrero

For grades with multiple teams, you will have to send the email once for each team. From the front page, click on the "Volunteer Added" link to access the team page.

Short video of BlueSombrero email feature.

3) Add players to team

Head coaches are "Division Managers" for HSC, and they can manage their roster through the "Teams" link at the top of their BlueSombrero account. Use this process when you have a new player that you want to add to the roster.

Short video of roster management.