Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register my child to play soccer?
  2. How are the teams formed?
  3. How come we can't pick the team we want them to play on?
  4. Can I change teams?
  5. When there is more than one team in an age group, why don't the teams get re-selected each season?
  6. How long is the season?
  7. When are practices held?
  8. Where do we obtain a uniform?
  9. How are coaches selected?
  10. What is a "recreational" club?
  11. What is "classic" soccer, and when does it begin? How is it different?
  12. What should be my expectation from a rec team and it's coaching?
  13. Is there a Winter season?
  14. Is there a Spring season?
  15. What teams play in tournaments?
How do I register my child to play soccer? (top)
To register your child, simply go to the "Registration" link on the left hand side menu and follow the instructions. Note - Fall registration is good for one full calendar year, so there is no need to reregister in the Spring. Also, once registered, the system will keep your information, so next year all you have to do is sign up again using the same username and password.

How are the teams formed? (top)
The Hillside Soccer Club Registrar, in consultation with the Hillside Soccer Club President, will form the soccer teams for each grade level and gender beginning in the first grade at the U7 level. The method of placing players on a specific team will be random but with consideration given to children attending the same school and children having at least one friend of the two requested on the registration form on their team. The teams will remain the same each year unless circumstances such as too many or too few players register or with the addition of new players to the Hillside Soccer Club.

Kindergarten children at the U6 level will be placed on teams in the same manner as described above, but the teams will be co-ed and may not remain the same the next year due to the gender split in first grade.

How come we can't pick the team we want them to play on? (top)
While we all want our kids to have fun and play alongside their friends, allowing parents to pick their team can pose challenges. Conflicts inevitably arise when placing a child on a team. In addition the Club needs to do it's best to avoid the appearance of "team stacking", the placing of players on teams according to their skill level such as A team and B team formations. This practice is strictly against the rules within Portland Youth Soccer and by allowing parents to "pick" the team they want their child to play on there is too much opportunity to take advantage or to create the appearance of "stacking".
Can I change teams? (top)
Requests to change teams will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For many of the same reasons listed above, we do not allow parents to pick their team. However, we are aware that there are sometimes conflicts that cannot be resolved and these should be brought to the attention of the Club President for review and consideration.
When there is more than one team in an age group, why don't the teams get re-selected each season? (top)
Currently it is the policy of the Hillside Soccer Club to do our best to keep teams intact as they advance through the age brackets. The most prominent reason for this is to allow the coach to build continuity and camaraderie amongst the players. Coaching is a multi-step process of progression through different skill levels and a truly effective team is just that, a Team. By keeping the teams together we foster and encourage teamwork and cohesive skill building.
How long is the season? (top)
The Fall season typically starts around the end of August. For the U7 - U8 levels, games end around the middle of October. The upper levels end around the beginning of November.

When are practices held? (top)

- U6 teams only practice - no games. They practice once a week in the afternoon during the work week.
- U7 & U8 teams practice once per week in the afternoons after school.
- U9-U10 teams practice twice per week in the afternoons after school.

Times are determined at the beginning of each season with input from coaches.

Where do we obtain a uniform? (top)
The Far Post Soccer Supply
825 SW 14th Portland, OR 97205
PH: 503-295-6875

When - Late August - All parents will be able to purchase any uniform pieces they may need directly from the Far Post.

Extra All members of Hillside receive a 15% discount on all regularly priced items in the store throughout the year. In preparation for the recreational season, they offer a Knee to Toe package (Adidas) that includes a ball, shoes, and shin-guards.

How are coaches selected? (top)
Coaches are volunteers who more often than not have a child playing on their team. They have stepped up and offered their services as a coach. Once they pass a background check they are allowed to coach.

The Hillside Soccer Club offers coaches many opportunities to improve their skills through clinics offered at no cost. Each coach spends time learning the fundamentals of soccer coaching to better serve your child.

If you are interested in coaching, please contact the club President.

What is a "recreational" club? (top)
Recreational soccer is for the fun of the game; it is not about winning or being the best but rather about enjoying the sport of soccer. There are special rules in recreational soccer that may not apply in competitive play such as the Blow Out Policy where one team is not allowed to win by more than 5 goals. In the event a team is ahead by 5 the coach is required to "pull back" his team to avoid creating an atmosphere of hard feelings. This policy is at the core of recreational league play, the fundamentals, respect, and fun playing the game.

In recreational soccer we focus on building a healthy respect for the game of soccer by emphasizing how much fun the game can be while teaching our kids the fundamental skills of playing.

What is "classic" soccer, and when does it begin? How is it different? (top)
Classic soccer begins when a player is in the 4th grade and is offered through various competitive soccer clubs around Portland. To play classic soccer a player attends try-outs normally held in the spring. Classic soccer is a more robust program and runs nearly year round. The emphasis is the same as in recreational soccer but they also focus on more specific skill development and on winning. Classic soccer is competitive by nature and we normally recommend this option for those players who wish to "specialize" in the sport of soccer.
What should be my expectation from a rec team and it's coaching? (top)
We expect our coaches to teach your children how to have fun, the fundamentals of the game, and strong teamwork. Having fun is a top down approach exemplified by the behavior of the coach and parents. We teach our players fun by having fun ourselves. In each practice the coach should be teaching your kids the fundamentals of the game; passing, dribbling, and shooting. To tie it all together we emphasize teamwork and cooperation.
Is there a Winter season? (top)
No, there is no PYSA or Hilside sponsored soccer in the Winter. However, there are many options for indoor soccer. You will find youth league opportunities at just about all indoor facilities, including the MJCC, Futsal, Portland Indoor Soccer and Beaverton's Soccer Plex just to name a few.

Is there a Spring season? (top)
Yes, there is a Spring season, but it is up to each player, team and coach to determine if they want to participate. If your team chooses not to participate, you will have the opportunity to join another team. Coaches will work together to ensure that all players have the choice to particpate.

Club fees charged in the Fall cover Spring as well. However, there is a fee to field a team from PYSA to cover the cost of field maintenance. Coaches will collect team fees from each player and submit payment with applications to PYSA.

The Spring season offers a limited 7 or 8 game schedule with no practices. Fields are wet and scarce given baseball's primary season priority.

What teams play in tournaments? (top)
Tournaments are at the team's discretion and you should ask your coach if they plan to attend any tournaments. As a general rule of thumb The Hillside Soccer Club endorses attendance in tournaments as a great learning experience for the players and a lot of fun for the team. However, each team must decide on their own whether or not to play in tournaments as this entails additional time and money from each player's family.